In coordination with Rosehall Consultancy, the universityโ€™s partner in pursuing continuous improvement, a ‘One-day Training Course on Conducting Effective Management Review Meetings’ was hosted by the Office of the Vice President for Quality Assurance, which aims to enable participants to know the objectives, benefits, and good practices on conducting Management Review.

The Rosehall Consultancy was represented by Ms. Ana G. Mariano who served as the Resource Speaker during the webinar held on April 25, 2022. Ms. Mariano is a Quality Management Systems Auditor since 2015 and she has assisted various private and government agencies towards ISO certification. She emphasized that the effectiveness of actions from the management review against risks and opportunities is significant to formulating a conclusion that is viable to the QMS of the university.

The activity is a part of a series of seminars hosted by the office to comply with the recommendation of the external auditors to train and update the auditors and key personnel on the process of conducting an internal audit, documenting information, and assessing risk management and others.

It was participated by Campus QA Coordinators, Executive Secretaries to the Office of the Vice Presidents and Office of the Campus Executive Directors, SAS and OUS QA Coordinators, and university officials composed of Campus Executive Directors, Executive Directors of SAS and OUS, Director for IAA, Head for ISO/PQA initiatives, Deputy Directors for Administration, Planning and Quality Assurance of SAS and OUS.