Erna M. Salazar,PhD

Erna M. Salazar,PhD

PSU-OUS MDM, Program Adviser/Director, Internship

Welcome to the Master in Development Management Program.

As one of the pioneer programs of the Pangasinan State University – Open University Systems, it continues to deliver quality graduate education in the field of management of institutions, research for extension and organization development to innovative and entrepreneurial administrative managers in the government, semi-government, non-government organizations and private institutions in the Province of Pangasinan and other communities. The objective of the MDM program is to transform the bureaucracy and the private sector into entrepreneurial and future-oriented administrative managers, technologically capable leaders, and effective and efficient processors and providers of quality services. This kind of development of human resource through graduate education guarantees resilient, flexible and customer-focused institutions demanded by ever-changing environment of the nation and the region.

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In line with the University’s vision, mission and core values, the program, Master in Development Management, aims at producing graduates not only with specialized preparation for public management functions but also graduates who are imbued with social and moral values of commitment, accountability, honesty and integrity in the public/community service.

Specific Objectives

The Master Development Management program intends to:

  1. Harness the professional and management skills of those who work in development- oriented organizations, programs, or projects in the context of a highly dynamic and complex environment.
  2. Develop the competencies required for critically analyzing data, understanding today’s key development problems, and learning how to design evidence-based strategic solutions that create and sustain
  3. Provide an opportunity for career and professional development of civil servants and those in the non-governmental sector of the
  4. Equip public servants and those in the civil society sector with administrative expertise and decision-making capabilities to enable them to become better administrators and policy makers; and
  5. Enhance further the social and moral values of workers in the public and private sectors of the community for better public policy formulation and implementation as well as for improved delivery of


    1.  Demonstrate the relevant knowledge and skills at the forefront of development management and governance;

    2. Possess critical and independent thinking skills needed in a specialized or multidisciplinary research, and in extending or redefining knowledge or practice;

    3. Apply knowledge and skills in complex and unpredictable context and in the development and testing of innovative and solutions to resolve issues; 

    4. Make expert judgement and perform significant responsibility for professional knowledge, practice, and management; 

    5.  Applied theories, methodologies, and knowledge to address fundamental questions in Educational Management; and

    6. Utilized creative, innovative, and critical reading, thinking, and writing skills in educational management research;

    • Engage and sustain graduate students’ interest using various learning experiences and resources.
    • Implement organizational policies and procedures, demonstrate punctuality, and maintain high standard of credibility and
    • Collaborate and manifested commitment to ensure the implementation of program projects and activities with high level of standards.
    • Engage in scholarly and scientific research projects which are responsive to the needs of the community.
    • Pursued research of significance in the discipline and in an interdisciplinary or creative project.
    • Prepare policy review on politico- economic integration., MOA/MOU intended for program or project partnerships and other linkages, incentive policies.
    • Design framework on e-government initiatives
    • Recommend administrative processes and service delivery reforms
    • Prepare program and project concept plans, financial plan.
    • Express ideas confidently in oral and written form
    • Participate in seminars on human relations, personality development and holistic
    • Propose organizational mapping with flow of communication
    • Maintain stature and behavior that upholds the dignity of a leader/manager in an educational institution or any related field.
    • Lead colleagues in professional discussion to plan and implement strategies that enrich teaching and learning practices.
    • conduct ethical, scholarly, and scientific research to enrich professional practice.
    • Model exemplary skills and lead colleagues in the development and evaluation of educational management mechanisms and learning resources, including ICT, for use within and beyond the school.



    Major in Public Management

    (CMO 15. S. 2019, EFFECTIVE SY 2023-2024)




    1. COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE                                                                               UNITS


                    MDMN   201                         Research Management                                                                                      3

    MDMN   202                         Data Management                                                                                               3

    MDMN   203                         Principles and Processes of Development Management in                    3

    Global Perspective

    MDMN   204                         Ethics and Accountability in Public Service                                                3

    MDMN  205                         Project Management and Sustainable Development                                3

    MDMN   206                         Human Resource Development and Management in the                        3

    21st Century Organization

    MDMN   207                         Management of Financial Resources                                                            3

    MDMN   208                         Local Governance and Regional Administration                                        3

    MDMN   209                         Public Policy and Program Management                                                      3

    MDMN   210                         Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management     3


    1. THESIS


                    MDMN 220                           Capstone Project                                                                                                                 6


    Coursework Summary


                    Component                                                                                        Units

                    Coursework                                                                                              30

    Capstone                                                                                                     6

                    TOTAL                                                                                                       36      


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