Grace G. De Vera, EdD

Grace G. De Vera, EdD

PSU-OUS, MAEd EM, Program Adviser/Dean, College of Teacher Education


The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the essence of continuous delivery of quality instruction through open distance e-learning (ODEL). The world is fast becoming an arena of borderless learning with emphasis on virtual collaboration among faculty, students, researchers, and other stakeholders. It is with these realities that Pangasinan State University Open University Systems seek to provide opportunities for learners to be engaged in an enabling virtual learning environment. With a pool of experts that are very much prepared to empower Master of Arts of Education Major in Educational Management through productive engagements through carefully crafted learning exercises, we can affirm that you are in good hands with PSU OUS. With that in mind, rest assured that the MAED EM program will aim to develop you to become reflective educators who possess the competencies of 21st century education.

          The Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management is a graduate level program designed for educators and professionals who seek to develop advanced knowledge and skills in educational leadership and administration. The program focuses on pairing individuals for leadership roles in educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, universities, and educational organizations.

        This program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of educational leadership theories, management principles, and administrative practices. Through a combination of coursework, practical experiences, and research, students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively lead and manage educational institutions. It covers a range of topics related to educational management, including organizational leadership, strategic planning, financial management, human resource management, policy development, curriculum design, and assessment. It also explores ethical and legal considerations in education, as well as emerging trends and issues in educational leadership.

      Throughout the program, students are encouraged to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios through case studies, simulations, and experiential learning opportunities. They also develop research skills and engage in scholarly inquiry to contribute to the field of educational management through their thesis.

    Graduates of the MAED program are teachers who have:

     1. Demonstrated an understanding of texts in their diverse ethnic. Socio-political, religious, and cultural contexts;

    2. Develop and carried out research projects aimed at developing the teaching-learning process and the community as a whole;

    3. Pursued research of significance in the discipline and in an interdisciplinary of creative project;

    4. Manifested high substantial degree of independence that involves exercise of leadership on initiates individual work or in teams of multi disciplinarity  field; 

    5. Applied theories, methodologies, and knowledge to address fundamental questions in Educational Management; and

    6. Utilized creative, innovative, and critical reading, thinking, and writing skills in educational management research.


      1. Demonstrate abilities and competencies acquired from their programs that are reflective of transparency, equity, participatory decision-making and accountability;

      2. Engage in relevant, comprehensive and sustainable initiatives based on multiple perspectives that build professional credibility and integrity;

      3. Respond to challenging goals and tasks with determination and sense of urgency;

      4. Produce quality outputs leading to inclusive growth and continuous improvement;

      5. Engage life-long learning for a more dynamic advancement of professional skills and competencies;

      6. Meet industry requirements of the local and international human capital market;

      7. Manifest social and environmental responsiveness to elevate the welfare of the multi-sectoral communities; and

      8. Practice spiritual values and morally upright behavior to promote dignified public image.



      Major in Educational Management

      (CMO 15. S. 2019, EFFECTIVE SY 2023-2024)




      1. COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE                                                                            UNITS


                      MAED    201                         Research Management                                                                                      3

                      MAED    202                         Data Management                                                                                               3

                      MAED    203                         Institutional Fiscal Management                                                                    3

                      MAED    204                         Program and Projects Planning and Evaluation                                         3

                      MAED    205                         Personnel Management and Smart Governance                                        3

                      MAED    206                         Dynamics of IR 4.0 and Rural Development                                                3

                      MAED    207                         Curriculum Management and Administration                                            3

                      MAED    208                         The Laws in the Teaching Profession                                                            3

                      MAED    209                         Seminar in Industry-Driven Manpower Development                             3


      1. THESIS


                      MAED 210                            Master’s Thesis                                                                                                   6



      Coursework Summary



                      Coursework                                                            27

                      Thesis                                                                      __6

                                                    TOTAL                                       33


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