Sotero M. Aban,PhD

Sotero M. Aban,PhD

PSU-OUS MS Fisheries, Program Adviser/Dean, College of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences

Welcome to the PSU Open University Systems, Master of Science in Fisheries Program.

inspiring our students to be globally competitive in fisheries research, teaching, management and implementation of fisheries programs and extension activities. The Master of Science in Fisheries program is open to interested professionals with undergraduate degrees in fisheries and allied sciences.

Through the Open University Systems (OUS), you need not to quit your job because the program is administered on a blended mode, flexible learning online and get the qualification you need to become specialist in the field of fisheries.

We have strong and dedicated faculty members who are experts in the four areas of fisheries; aquaculture, capture fisheries, post-harvest and and aquatic resources and ecology for you to become a well-rounded fisheries expert in the future.and aquatic resources and ecology for you to become a well-rounded fisheries expert in the future.

A graduate of this course is able to apply the scientific method and use of advance methodologies appropriate to fisheries; manage and conduct independent research; publish research results in scientific journals and perform verification technology.  We are proud to have produce high caliber professionals who are now working as administrators, researchers, aquaculturists, teachers and technicians  in various government units and private agencies here and abroad.

We focus on gender equality in our pursuit for sustainable development, and adhere to the  policies and  guidelines of the curricular program in fulfilling the requirements of the industry and our stakeholders.

I invite you to explore through our website the broad opportunities available in the PSU-Open University Systems. Thank you for your interest and looking forward for a fruitful endeavor in your graduate studies.

The Master of Science in Fisheries (MSFi) Program aims to produce graduates who are globally competitive in fisheries, teaching, management and implementation of fisheries programs and extension activities. This program will prepare the graduates for a Doctoral degree.

The MSFi program offered through the Open University Systems of Pangasinan State University will also  prepare students for their research work and provide better understanding of recent trends in fisheries.

MSFi degree program requires for graduation 12 units of core courses, 24 units of specialization courses, 3 units of computer course and 6 units of thesis. The specialized courses are designed to prepare the students in his/her thesis which is a requirement of this program.

Candidates for the degree of MSFi shall comply with the   requirements and procedures namely comprehensive examination, approval of thesis proposals, oral defense and submission of copies of approved thesis. All units applied for graduation must have a grade of 2.0 or its equivalent and the thesis passed and accepted.

The graduate of the MS Fisheries program should have developed the
ability to:

1. Update knowledge in science and advances in sustainable development;

2. Observe research ethics;

3. Establish linkages with researchers and organizations;

4. Conceptualize and prepare project and research proposal;

5. Apply the scientific method and use advance research methodologies
appropriate to fisheries;

6. Manage and conduct independent research;

7. Use instruments/equipment and laboratory protocol;

8. Publish research results in scientific journals; and

9. Perform verification of technology

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO)

      The Pangasinan State University Institutional Learning Outcomes (PSU ILO)
are the qualities that PSUnians must possess. These outcomes are anchored on
the following core values: Accountability and Transparency, Credibility and
Integrity, Competence and Commitment to Achieve, Excellence in Service
Delivery, Social and Environmental Responsiveness, and Spirituality – (ACCESS).
Anchored on these core values, the PSU graduates are able to:

1. Demonstrate through institutional mechanisms, systems, policies and
processes which are reflective of transparency, equity, participatory
decision making, and accountability;

2. Engage in relevant, comprehensive and sustainable development
initiatives through multiple perspectives in decisions and actions that
build personal and professional credibility and integrity;

3. Set challenging goals and tasks with determination and sense of
urgency which provide continuous improvement and producing
quality outputs leading to inclusive growth;

4. Exhibit life-long learning and global competency proficiency in
communication skills, inter/interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial skills,
innovative mindset, research and production initiatives and capability
in meeting the industry requirements of local, ASEAN and international
human capital market through relevant and comprehensive programs;

5. Display, socially and environmentally responsive organizational culture,
which ensures higher productivity among the university constituents
and elevate the welfare of the multi-sectoral communities, and;

6. Practice spiritual values and morality upright behaviour which promote
and inspire greater harmony to project a credible public image.

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