office of the Executive Director

The office of the Executive Director depicts its day-to-day management system. This is where the executive director performs various duties and tasks for smooth transactions and numerous outputs. This is also where visitors and clients come to discuss relevant matters to be addressed.

defense area

One of the major requirements in finishing a program in PSU-OUS is thesis or dissertation writing. This defense room is the seat of academic discourse during theses defenses attended by the students and the committee members in an oral examination.

reception area

The reception area of PSU-OUS is just near the guests’ and clients’ counter, where people's appointments and questions are dealt with. It’s a place in the office where anyone can stay comfortable while waiting for the services sought.


PSU-OUS utilizes a fully online learning modality where virtual classes are conducted. This e-learning hub is a haven for professors and students to keep in touch with one another in the digital world.

audio visual room

Various academic and non-academic programs and activities are just part of the school calendar of PSU-OUS. In this relaxed, state-of-the-art, and spacious audio-visual room, the students, professors, staff, and guests rub their elbows to learn and have fun.


The clean washroom is used by office employees and guests for privately accessing the sanitation fixture (toilet) for urination and defecation. The room includes a sink with soap for handwashing, which is essential for personal hygiene.

ous e-learning building

The OUS E-Learning Building is where the smart classrooms and e-learning hub are located. Cutting-edge gadgets with modern learning management platforms are also situated in this building for a more dynamic and innovative learning experience regardless of the students’ location worldwide.

convention hall

This vast and comfortable hall is often used for significant events and activities in the university, such as graduation ceremonies, religious gatherings, conferences, seminars, workshops, pageants, and many more. This hall is equipped with large LED monitors on the stage, AC units, two holding areas, spacious cabinets, and comfort rooms.

physical library and theses areas

While PSU-OUS engaged in fully online classes, the physical library and theses areas are still open for students and professors who wish to experience the traditional learning style.


medical and dental facility

A medical and dental facility is always ready for emergency purposes. Essential medical and dental tools are kept and prepared for use by assigned medical and dental officers.