Rosario DL. Valencerina,EdD

Rosario DL. Valencerina,EdD

PSU-OUS EdD, Program Adviser/Campus Executive Director-Alaminos City Campus

Welcome to the PSU – Open University Systems Doctor of Education Program.

The Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management program has gone a long way

since its humble commencements in 1997.

The program is open to all interested professionals both within and outside the jurisdiction of the country.

Doctoral education in Open University will be an exhilarating and gratifying intellectual journey for you. Our program has a legacy of a profound commitment to education. Your intellectual life will revolve around your program’s curriculum and the faculty and students in your course. Furthermore, the relationship that you develop with your mentor will be of vital importance to your optimistic pursuit of a graduate degree.

Through the Open University Systems (OUS), you will be able to study without having to quit your job, and to leave your family. The PSU-OUS has a strong faculty dedicated to graduate education, research and creative works.

We are proud to say that we produce high caliber graduates (teachers and other professionals) to become administrators, heads, principals, or even as Superintendent who can adhere to universal changes. In addition we adhere to focus on gender equality and our educational procedures for sustainable development, we want to dive into policies and a well-built curriculum to fulfill the requirements of the academe and the industry.

Finally, you have chosen to join a tremendous and vivacious graduate program at PSU-OUS.

We thank you for virtually visiting our website (link) and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

We wish you the best of luck in your graduate studies.

       The Doctor of Education (EdD) major in Educational Management is a comprehensive and specialized program tailored for teachers and school administrators seeking to enhance their leadership skills in educational management. This program places a strong emphasis on management principles. decision making, policy making. foresight management in schools, and innovative leadership in educational settings. The program equips graduate school students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to effectively manage educational institutions, make informed decisions, shape policies. anticipate future trends, and lead with innovation. By integrating theoretical foundations. practical applications, and hands-on experiences, graduates of this program are prepared to assume leadership roles in schools and educational systems, driving positive change and effectively managing educational organizations in a dynamic and evolving landscape.


Graduates of the EdD program are teachers who:

1. Demonstrated highly advanced understanding of texts in their diverse ethnic, socio-political, religious and cultural contexts;

2. Developed and carried out complex individual interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research projects for community and organization’s utilization;

3. Pursued leadership in the conduct of research and creative works which are of significance in the discipline or in an interdisciplinary project;

4. Manifested highly substantial degree of independence and accountability to professional leadership research excellence for innovation and/or development management in highly specialized or interdisciplinary multidisciplinary field;

5. Formulated management theories designed pedagogical frameworks, and created policies, and standards to address complex educational management issues; and

6. Highly practiced effective and innovated leadership in educational management.

1. Keep abreast with current developments in local, national, international, and global educational management studies. Analyze, interpret, and utilize technical and ethnic, socio-political, religious and cultural data to evaluate opportunities and threats. Strategize functional and appropriate actions that may address the challenges or constraints educational institution/s.

2. Map out strategic plans using technical, scientific, and other sources of information. Prepare workable plans and programs which may solve potential risks factors in educational management. Provide necessary intervention measures and corrective actions promptly.

3. Conduct, formulate, and disseminate best management practices developed from research studies, interventions and innovative works. Assess and analyze the efficacy, efficiency, and sustainability of programs and projects in the discipline or in an interdisciplinary project. Create new management theories and ideas that may add up to the repository of knowledge generation and development.

4. Display infer/intra dependence of systems within the context of Educational Management and other related studies. Embrace sense of accountability and emotional intelligence/maturity. Portray the observance of professional ethics and standards at all times.

5. Identify, collect, and integrate significant data and Information on specific and management related life situations. Develop research-oriented and innovative policies/standards along educational management perspectives. Disseminate, publish and utilized generated research-results that the are contributory to educational management knowledge.

6. Work out brood outlines to accomplish the set of education goals and objectives. Serve and apply good management practices to clientele and stakeholders by conveying up-to-date and accurate ideas and information clearly and effectively. Implement alternative solution to solve educational management problems and gaps to pursue opportunities.




(CMO 15. s.2019, EFFECTIVE SY 2023-2024)


EDED 301 Advanced Research Management 3
EDED 302 Advanced Data Management 3
EDED 303 Strategic Management of Educational Institution 3
EDED 304 Financial Planning and Resources Allocation in Educational Systems 3
EDED 305 Administrative Behavior in Education 3
EDED 306 Seminar in Program/Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation 3
EDED 307 Organizational Ecology in Education 3
EDED 308 Emerging Technologies for Educational Innovations in Industry 4.0 3
EDED 309 Data-Driven Decision Making in Crisis Management 3
EDED 310 Policy Process, Analysis and Strategic Foresight 3
Practice -Based Dissertation 3
EDED 320-A Disseration 1 6
EDED 320-B Disseration 2 6
Coursework Summary
Component Units
Coursework 30
Practice-based Dissertation 12
Total 42


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